Here it’s my personal Art Book, English name is “Colors and story faces”, made for the anniversay 35 years of naive art. I will like to make an english version, but ……

Soon we start the second edition of SIAN – ORADEA !!! Big surprises and great painters will expose their paintings in the Museum from Oradea. Details about our great exposition will be posted in the next period !!! We estimate the opening of SIAN 2019 will be in 27 June 2019, but many things are to do until June.

I want to tell everybody who want to meet me, in the period 4 – 8 mars, I will be in Madrid, especially to the opening of International naive art exposition, to EBOLI gallery, from 19.30 hours. And here are the paintings which will be “admired ” there:

Welcome to my naive art page! It’s a new page and i still have to make many changes, but you can contact me any time for requests, prices or whatever you want to known abot me !!

I invite you to look at my paintings, make comments (i still work to this site and not all it’s perfect), you have links to my Facebook page, and why not ask about the prices…I will inform you about my expositions, you can see to About me page…..and send me messages to my mail>